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A rare full-bodied English weathervane cockerel, modelled in zinc and copper. A superb example created for a property in Cornwall in the late 19th century.


The metalwork has now acquired a beautiful natural patina from years of being exposed to the natural elements. The remnants of crusty paintwork shows that it was originally realistically rendered as a farmyard rooster. Some historic dents, and one side is missing the wattle beneath the beak.


It is very unusual to see a weathervane cockerel of this type to have been modelled with both legs, rather than a single pole beneath the body. In this case the bird has both its legs with spurs, its claws firmly gripping a perch. A stunning piece of English folk art

New steel supportive base. Height of cockerel from perch is 65cm.

NOW SOLD - Antique copper weathervane cockerel

SKU: KS6904
  • Date/period

    19th century

  • Dimensions (h x w x d)

    85 x 60 x 19cm

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