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A charming scratch-built model of HMS Wivern, mounted in front of a naively-painted background, and encased in a glazed mahogany box. A brass plaque dates the model to 1921. HMS Wivern was ordered in April 1918 as part of the 13th Order of the 1917–18 Naval programme. It was completed on the 23rd December, 1919 and was commissioned with the penant no. D66. Wivern went on to serve throughout the Second World War until being decommissioned in late summer of 1945. It was finally scrapped in 1948. This model was most likely made by one of the sailors serving on board the Wivern.

NOW SOLD Folk art warship model - HMS Wivern

SKU: KS6662
  • Dimensions (h x w x d)

    18 x 23 x 10cm

  • Date/period


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