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A rare little japanned tinplate cash box, modelled as a small safe with a carry handle by Jones Brothers & Co., Wolverhampton. Inside there are three drawers with brass handles, each having a curved bottom so that money change can be removed easily. The inside of the door carries a tin pocket in which a bank book could be kept. The exterior is decorated on the top and all four sides with gilt lacquer and red coach lines. The lock is in working order and has the original key.

The Wolverhampton metalware company of Jones Brothers was originally founded in 1853, initially as a japanning company concentrating on small domestic wares such as trays and coal scuttles etc. Later on they expanded by getting into the burgeoning market in trunks and cases, which was booming as a result of the expanding railway system and the increasing ease of public travel.

NOW SOLD - Jones Brothers Toleware Cash Box

SKU: KS6820
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  • Dimensions (h x w x d)

    24 x 18 x 13cm

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