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An original 'Mr Punch' cast iron doorstop. This design has been reproduced many times over the years since it was first introduced, but early examples stand out a mile from the rest! The crispness of this one is superb, and therefore has lots of surfact detail. It also has an early paint finish, which has worn in the 'right' places afer years of use.


To the reverse it is stamped 'J & J Siddons'. Siddons were established as iron founders in 1818 in West Bromwich. In 1846 a partnership was formed by Jesse and Joseph (J & J Siddons). They were so successful that they had to purchase an additional nine acre site for their factories in 1876.

SOLD - 19th C 'Mr Punch' doorstop porter

SKU: KS7117
  • Date/period


  • Dimensions (h x w)

    31 x 24cm

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