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An early 19th century cut-card silhouette of a standing gentleman, by the Hubard Gallery.


The Hubard Gallery was founded in England in 1822 by a Mr Smith to promote the exceedingly talented William James Hubard (1809–1862). At the age of only 14 years old, William was producing remarkable character outlines with just a piece of card and a pair of scissors. Smith, being the showman that he was, coined the term 'Papyrotomia' for William's work.


In 1824 the Hubard Gallery left Britain to tour America. William left the 'gallery' in 1826, but stayed in America to paint society portraits. The Hubard Gallery continued however, employing other silhouette cutters until the company was dissolved in 1845.

SOLD - 19th C William Hubard silhouette

SKU: KS7076
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  • Dimensions (h x w)

    34 x 24cm

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