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NOW SOLD - A good 19th century nautical woolwork depicting a three-masted frigate in near full sail, flying the British Ensign.


It is unusual example for these folk art 'woolies' to show a ship with one of its sails furled. As there is also a lighthouse on land pictured, perhaps it is suggesting the ship is heading into harbour? It is also unusual for a 'woolie' such as this to be signed - in this case with the initials 'A. J. S.'.


The woolwork is in very good condition, and the colours are bright and unfaded. The execution of the sea rendering is particularly imaginative, as is the detailing of the ship's rigging.


The maple-veneered frame has some chips and losses, but this does not detract from the overall decorative quality of the piece.

NOW SOLD - 19th century sailor's woolwork - Frigate and lighthouse

SKU: KS6757
  • Date/period

    Victorian, c.1860

  • Dimensions (h x w)

    49 x 63cm

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