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A 19th century weathervane, consisting of a cast iron 'lance' surmounted by a cast brass finial with a copper directional flag. The copper flag has a pierced cut-out design of a heraldic horse's head. The top end of the cast iron lance stem has two bands of brass around it, which act as 'bushes' for the finial to rotate freely when blown by the wind


The finial and flag have layers of old gilt paint, whilst the lance stem has remnants of old black paint. There is a 38cm section of iron that continues below the base of the stem which would allow the weathervane to be secured. Total height of vane (including the aforementioned 38cm iron section) is 158cm. Width of cast iron stem base is 15cm.

SOLD - Antique weathervane - Heraldic Horse

SKU: KS7177
  • Date/period


  • Dimensions (h x w)

    120 x 45cm

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