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An unusual panel of wood veneers, that appears to have originally formed the inside face of a lid to a carpenter's tool chest. It was possibly done to show clients the different types of wood that they could choose from for their furniture.

The rather crude and simple design suggests that it may have been an apprentice's practice piece. It has a charming folk art look about it, that now makes it an attractive, decorative wall panel.

It could possibly be used as a tabletop, although there is some undulation to the surface, where the wood has warped over time. The woods represented (that we can recognise!) are: walnut, ash, elm, mahogany, rosewood, yew, satinwood, ebony, and birdseye maple.

NOW SOLD - Antique wood veneers sampler

SKU: KS6297
  • Date/period


  • Dimensions (h x w x d)

    54 x 88 x 3.5cm

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