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An exceptional late Regency/early Victorian portrait of a young woman, cleverly executed using different textiles. Her head and shoulders are made of felt which has been subtly modelled with colourwash, whilst the lips, eyes and ears have been highlighted with fine stitching. Her hair is woolwork utilizing 'running stitches' for the straight lengths, and 'chain stitches' for the braids. The hair band is made of an extremely petite, grograin ribbon, decorated with silk knots to represent pearls. Her gown is made up of a combination of silk and fine muslin, creating a fashionable dress of the day.


The portrait has an oval gilt-brass surround, black baise mount, and framed in painted pine. A beautiful item of folk art, in superb original condition.

NOW SOLD - Early 19th C needlework portrait of a woman

SKU: KS6758
  • Date/period


  • Dimensions (h x w)

    35 x 30cm (each print)

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