A George III embroidered picture, depicting an English country estate. It is rare to find a silkwork of this period in such remarkable condition, where the colours are still so strong and unfaded. It suggests that it has actually been stored in a drawer or chest, away from sunlight, for a century or more. This would account for the slight crease down the centre of it where it has been folded whilst in storage.


The work is beautifully detailed, most likely executed by a young school girl. The scene features a landowner and his wife walking on their estate, dresssed in the fashion of the day, c. 1780–1790. Alongside them is the head gardener, or perhaps the farm manager, with whom they appear to be in converstaition with - maybe they're discussing the livestock pictured in the field adjacent to them. In the background, behind the estate fencing, stands the manor house, a barn, and a worker's cottage.


The picture incorporates most of the basic embroidery stitches that a young girl would have been expected to learn. These include running stitch, chain stitch, stem stitch, couching, and french knotting. The faces of the people in this pastoral scene are hand-painted directly on to the silk ground, which is typical for this period.


It is a superb piece. There are a couple of small holes to the silk ground fabric, but these certainly do not detract from the whole.

SOLD - Georgian pastoral silkwork picture

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