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An oil on board painting of a harbour scene by the London-born landscape painter Arthur Douglas Peppercorn (1847–1926).  Peppercorn executed most of his paintings 'en plein air', working on small boards with quick, competant brush strokes, in order to capture his 'subject' as quickly as possible before it changed. A lot of his paintings feature subjects involving water, such as rivers, estuaries, and in this case, a harbour mouth. The frame and backboard appear to be original, to which an old trade label is attached. The label is for Rowley Frames, of 140 Church Street, Kensington.


The Rowley Gallery was established in 1898 at 6 High Road, Silver Street, Kensington. In 1909 Silver Street was renamed, becoming 140 Church Street. The gallery remained in the same premises. The trade label on this painting features this new address, but was redesigned in 1912 by William Chase, which suggests this painting dates from sometime between 1909–1912.

NOW SOLD - Oil painting by Arthur Douglas Peppercorn

SKU: KS7079
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  • Dimensions (h x w)

    28 x 34cm

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