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A late 19th century pine workbench from a former boatyard in Devonport, Plymouth. This area of Devon has been synonomous with the Royal Navy and maritime activity for many centuries, having been commissioned as a Royal Dockyard by William III (formerly Prince William of Orange) in 1690.

This is one of two workbenches that we have acquired - both have had several coats of paint applied over the years. We have scrubbed them well to remove the grease and dirt and replaced the later plywood tops with zinc. Original flush-mounted, military-style brass handles. At 94cm, it is an ideal work surface height and could easily be used within a kitchen. Alternatively it would work well as a sideboard.

NOW SOLD - Painted pine cupboard and drawers unit

SKU: KS5690
  • Date/period

    19th century (Victorian)

  • Dimensions (h x w x d)

    94 x 143 x 54cm

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