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An engaging still life painting by artist and illustrator Susan Barrington-Ward (1919–2005). The oil on canvas features a spray of wartime wild flowers in an earthenware jug, in front of a Georgian sash window beyond which can be seen the skylights and chimneys of external buildings. A competant painting with muted tones, and great depth. The canvas has obviously been reused as the reverse features an unfinished portrait. There is a remnant of a 'New English Art Club' label which suggests that it was at some point exhibited there. Signed and dated '1940'.


The painting has never been out of the family until now, having recently come from the estate of her sister June Barrington-Ward (1922–2002) and her partner Maggie Cameron Frazer (1922–2021). June and Maggie were also artists, based in West Cornwall.


Susan Barrington-Ward was one of the daughters of Sir Lancelot Barrington-Ward KCVO (1884–1953), a royal surgeon to King George VI and his family.

SOLD - Susan Barrington-Ward (1919–2005) - 'London Window

SKU: KS7499
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  • Dimensions (h x w)

    67 x 56 cm

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