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An original Edwardian vitreous enamelled steel shop sign produced by the Patent Enamel Company Ltd. in Birmingham, for the stationer and newsagent W. H. Smith & Sons. There were many variations on this particular 'newsboy' sign created over the years - this one is one of the rarer, early versions, designed for the company by artist Septimus Scott in 1905. This was the year that Smith's opened their first 150 retail shops, having previously only been present as bookstalls on railway platforms.


These signs were always mounted in frames and suspended from iron brackets over the shop fronts, so that they were easily spotted by the public as they came down the high street. We have had this example framed for ease of wall hanging.


There is some corrosion and metalwork loss, but overall in good condition for it's age, and is still makes for a highly striking sign.

Vintage W. H. Smith enamel sign

SKU: KS7046
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  • Dimensions (h x w)

    69 x 45cm

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